"...Who [with reason] despises the day of small things?..." [Zechariah 4:10]

After serving as Campus Pastors faithfully for four years in the vision of Bishop Silas & Dr. Jennifer Johnson, Founders and Pastors of the Mega Church known as Full Counsel Metrochurch (www.fullcounsel.org) located in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The Lord began dealing with the heart of Apostle Powell after being released from another's work on May 24, 2015 about establishing and pioneering a new work of God. A new thing that would "Dare to Be Different" by Stepping Outside of Tradition that would not only make an impact on the City, but with a vision and mandate to bring apostolic reformation.

This vision would be one to return pioneering back to the basics. A place where every believer has been gifted by God to fulfill his or her calling and purpose.A new style to share that genuine ministry is not based on the gifts of a single man, but in a "multi-faceted,many-sided ministry"--of which all are a vital part and to bring understanding why "the one man show" is over. 

His vision to have a non-denominational, multi-generational, multi-cultural congregation. This Church would be a place where saints and sinners alike from all nations and walks of life would be welcome to come and experience the presence of the Holy Spirit. A place where Christians come to be equipped, empowered and released to influence the world for the Kingdom of God.

Grace4Life Xperience Church -Daytona, Inc. was established and held its first service on the Second Sunday, July 12, 2015 at The Best Western Plus Conference Center in the Plantation Room on W. International Speedway Blvd. in Daytona Beach. We met there for weekly services for only four months, as the Holy Spirit continued to deal with our apostle the Lord began openning doors for Grace4Life Xperience Church and answered our prayers for a new location and on December 31st 2015 it was announced that we were changing location and our new location would become 955 S. Orange Ave. Ste. 180-B  and our first service was held on January 31st 2016.

As this vision was placed in our apostle's spirit a powerful prophetic word came forth from Dr.Roberto Crichlow, Senior Pastor of One Accord Church in Orlando, Florida (www.1accordchurch.com) shared that The Lord Said, "It is your time for The Word Church, what you have done for Full Counsel and The Johnson's has been honored and you have been faithful to their vision and now He is going to honor your vision. Now Step out on faith and watch God work for you and He will fulfill your vision man of God. Now step out and obey the Lord." And here we are.

We Are Grace4Life Xperience Church



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